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The 2017 Catalina Water Ski Race was one of the larger fields I have seen in while. With the 2017 Worlds of Water Ski Racing just ending a lot of the skiers from other countries stuck around to ski the Worlds Greatest Ski Race. I was lucky enough to get invited back to the Mallika, the turn boat at Avalon, and couldn’t have asked for a much better spot to take photos of the Catalina Water Ski race from. There was constant action in the turn and at times had multiple boats and skiers in the turn making the photos even better. I tried to get photos of all skiers and boats that rounded the turn at Avalon, and think I got most of them. I was shooting with two different cameras, one with a zoom lens and one with a wide angle for the turn and to try and get the casino on the island in the photo as well. Most of the photos should be in order, but since I shot with two different cameras the numbering sequence was different, so I tried to fit them in the right place … order may be off a bit, but shouldn’t be too bad. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy!